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2014 | Color | 11:55

Natalia, a 17 year old girl, lives in a wealthy environment in Mexico City. After falling victim to sexual abuse, her personality becomes overwhelmed with silent despair. A couple of impulsive decisions led by her trauma will make her discover a dark side of herself.

Country: México
Direction: Zonana; David
Script: Zonana; David
Production: Ripstein; Gabriel, Franco; Michel, Zonana; Moisés
Photography: Hernández; Antonio
Sound: Enríquez; José Miguel
Cast:Alarcón Braun; Berkana, Smeke Zonana; Yemy, Hernández; Mariano, Mendoza; Rodrigo, Barranco Téllez; Juan Carlos, Kleiman; Jaime, Corona; Fidel
Art direction:
Participation year at FICM: 2015

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Francisco and a group of construction workers are building a luxury house in Mexico City. Following the accidental on-site death of his brother, Francisco learns that his widowed sister in law will not receive compensation from the wealthy owner of the house.

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Hernán is a young middle-class man living in México City. He is involved in shady deals and needs to pay off some major debts, but his mother’s health crisis has been draining his resources. Hernán will make a difficult decision in order to halt the expenses related to his mother’s illness, and the outcome won’t be what he expected.

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Dim Blood

Andrea is devastated after finding out her sister has leukemia, but a closer look will reveal something hidden on her psyche.

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