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1970 | Color | 139 min

Fictional biography of a 120-year-old white man, adopted by the Indians as a child, who witnessed General George A. Custer?s megalomaniacal last stand at Little Big Horn in 1876

Country: Estados Unidos
Direction: Penn; Arthur
Script: Willingham; Calder, Berge; Thomas
Production: Pen; Arthur, Millar; Stuart
Photography: Stradling Jr; Harry
Sound: Overton Jr; Al, Alper; Bud, R Portman; Richard
Music: Paul Hammond Jr; John
Cast:Balsam; Martin, Mulligan; Richard, Dan George; Chief, Corey; Jeff, Eccles; Amy, Jean Peters; Kelly, Androsky; Carol, Little Star; Robert, Hoffman; Dustin, Dunaway; Faye, Cal Bellini; Bear
Participation year at FICM: 2007

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