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1968 | Color | 1h 40 min

A young woman falls in love with a much older, but attractive man who introduces her to a whole new world of adventures.

Country: México
Direction: Michel; Manuel
Script: García Márquez; Gabriel, Michel; Manuel
Production: Pérez Gavilán; Fernando, Walerstein; Mauricio
Photography: Álvarez Garcés; Fernando
Sound: Henkel; Heinrich, Saldívar; Ricardo
Music: Lyra; Carlos
Cast:Pastor; Julián, Cortés; Carlos, Robles; Leticia, Ehrenberg; Felipe, Alemán; Julio, Medina; Ofelia, Cordero; Joaquín, Bonilla; Héctor
Art direction: Méndez; José
Participation year at FICM: 2008

Director Movies

The Snares of Love

Three love stories, all involving men named Mauricio, that end ironically for their protagonists. First, a man succumbs to two women’s charms; second, a beautiful rural woman comes to Mexico City to work for a fake talent manager; and third, a rich woman who uses one of her employees as a sex machine gives him a watch that will teach him a lesson.

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Patsy My Love

A young college student falls in love with a much older, married, but still attractive man who makes her forget her other suitors and introduces her to a world of adventure.

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Yvonne (Trampas de amor)

With the name of Yvonne, the small town girl Modesta arrives to the capital city to audition for Mauricio, an impostor film producer who, in real life, is an exploiter of women. Mauricio gives Modesta some money for her expenses; he changes her look and turns her into a blonde. Afterwards, he tells her that the presumed screen test went wrong, and he tries to convince her to have sex with a rich man. When she discovers the truth, Modesta decides to go back to her town, but Mauricio realizes that he loves her and marries her.

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