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Once Upon a Time in Mexico

Once Upon a Time in Mexico

Direction: Rodriguez, Robert

Script: Rodrigue, Robert

Country: United States, Mexico

Production: Avellan, Elizabeth | Gallardo, Carlos | Mark Iii, Tony

Production Company: Columbia Pictures Corporation | Dimension Films | Troublemaker Studios

Photography: Rodrigue, Robert

Edition: Rodriguez, Robert

Sound: Beville, Dean

Music: Rodriguez, Robert

Cast: Banderas, Antonio | Blades, Rubén | Dafoe, Willem | Depp, Johnny | Hayek, Salma | Iglesias, Enrique | Leonardi, Marco | Lu, José | Marin, Cheech | Mendes, Eva | Rourke, Mickey | Tijerina, Cecilia | Trejo, Danny | Vigil, Gerardo

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