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2015 | Color | 53:00

A thinker, intellectual, essayist, diplomat, and – above all – poet, Octavio Paz navigated the twentieth century not just as a witness, but also as a protagonist in its complex reality. While the past century brought international attention and recognition to Mexican literature and its authors for their notable quality and originality, few have crossed the intangible barriers of history as controversially as Octavio Paz.

Country: México
Direction: Tort; Gerardo
Script: Novaro Peñalosa; Beatriz
Production: Tort; Gerardo
Photography: Rodríguez F.; J. Mauricio
Sound: Uboldi Gerini; Camilla Giovanna Maria
Music: Uboldi Gerini; Camilla Giovanna Maria
Art direction:
Participation year at FICM: 2015

Director Movies

Round Trip

Fer and Lucia run into each other at a bus station. After a misunderstanding, Lucia accepts a ride in Fer’s car so that she can get to her destination. The car breaks down and the young women are forced to spend two nights together. Despite their differences, they create bonds of sympathy, tenderness and friendship.

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Old and deaf, burdened by her age, family life and a precarious market stall, Catita lives in a strange world of silence, buzzing and crackling. Her destiny changes when she is told that UFOS from outer space have been discovered flying through the city skies

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The Gerrilla and the Hope: Lucio Cabañas

The Gerrilla and the Hope: Lucio Cabañas Lucio Cabañas, a rural teacher from the state of Guerrero, was the leader of one of Mexico?s most important guerrilla movements during the seventies. This documentary reconstructs his personality through an interweaving of testimonies from ex-guerrillas, sympathizers, relatives and survivors, historians and sociologists

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