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2019 | Color | 105:00

Mexico, 1976. The government persecution of student and labor organizations continues. Toño and Guaymas, members of the “23 de Septiembre” communist league, one of the most important underground resistance organizations in Mexican history, are detained on charges of subversion and sent to the high-security section of Oblatos Penitentiary in Guadalajara. Their only chance at survival is to escape.

Country: México
Direction: Ruiz Villanueva; Acelo
Script: Ruiz Villanueva; Acelo
Production: Hernández García; Fernando, Aguilar Pradal; Emilio, Ruiz Villanueva; Acelo
Photography: Hernández García; Fernando
Sound: Rocha “Dirogui”; Diana
Music: El Gabinete
Participation year at FICM: 2019

Director Movies

This Love Song is for Fátima

Domingo is in love with his classmate, Fátima. To win her over, he is determined to buy an MP3 player, not an easy task in Mexico’s Zapotec highlands. On his way to get one, Domingo meets a homeless alcoholic, Charal, who decides to help him.

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