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2014 | Color | 99

Natalia is a young woman from Spain who comes to Mexico to live with her boyfriend, who is out of town on business for the time being. That first weekend with her friends, an unstoppable wave of violence will be unleashed.

Country: México
Direction: Narro; Artemio
Script: de la Rosa; Antonio, Narro; Artemio
Production: Narro; Carlos, Ornelas; Renato, Rion; Ixel, Gutiérrez; Rubén, Narro; Artemio
Photography: Gutiérrez; Renata
Sound: Barberis; Matías
Cast:Arjona; Beatriz, Aldrete; Anajosé, González-Rubio; Ximena, Arana; Iván, Gurrola; Edwarda, de Tavira; José María, Luna; Diego
Art direction: de la Rosa; Antonio, Castelli; Claudio, Ruiz; Raúl
Participation year at FICM: 2014

Director Movies

Poetry in Motion

A visual symphony of found footage; landscapes of rhythm, movement, and sound, some of them peaceful, some of them chaotic.

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