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2011 | Color | 74 min

An old man walks the streets of the city as life goes on as usual. He is consumed by his memories, and the feelings of guilt and pain they provoke. He keeps walking until he reaches the end of his journey, while life continues its own strange course.

Country: México
Direction: Lipkes; Michel
Script: del Razo; Fernando, Lipkes; Michel
Production: Lipkes; Michel, Coronel; Milko Luis
Photography: Barroso Alcalá; Gerardo
Sound: de Icaza; Alejandro, González; Federico
Music: Duran; Galo
Cast:López; Isaac, Solórzano; Raúl, Montelongo; Raúl, Rangel; Genaro, Valderama; Manuel, Vega; Ricardo, Reséndis; Alejandra, Jiménez; Francisco, Arias; Enrique, Clavito; Payaso, Martínez; José Luis, El Pajarito;, Urba;
Art direction: González; Nohemí
Participation year at FICM: 2011

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