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2013 | Color | 92 min

Claudia, a lonely young woman, works at a supermarket. When she ends up in the E.R. with an appendicitis, she meets Martha, the woman in the bed next to her. Martha invites Claudia to her home, where she lives with her children, and they become friends. When Claudia discovers that Martha’s health is deteriorating, she begins to start a relationship with her children.

Country: México
Direction: Sainte-Luce; Claudia
Script: Sainte-Luce; Claudia
Production: Pineda; Geminiano
Photography: Godard; Agnès, Afc
Sound: Le Louet; Frédéric, Arnardi; Vincent
Music: Madame Recamier;
Cast:Franco; Sonia, Guillén; Wendy, Baeza; Andrea, Ramírez Muñoz; Alejandro, Ayala; Ximena, Owen; Lisa
Art direction: Enríquez; Bárbara
Participation year at FICM: 2013

Director Movies

Sol's Journey

Sol is a divorced woman, one night when going to claim her ex-husband payments of childsupport, her seven year-old son, Christian, is kidnapped. This traumatic event fills her with anger

and despair. On her odyssey to find clues of Christian she will gradually withdraw, her voice is on the verge of extinction. Only the hope of finding Christian mantains her afloat. This film presents a human and personified vision of unbearable loss & struggle.

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The Empty Box

Due to his health condition, Toussaint, a 60 year old Haitian native, goes to live with Jazmin, his daughter in Mexico City. Toussaint is a man who wasn't able to take root in any of the places he lived. He was not a loving father and he is a complete stranger to Jazmin. Through this compelled cohabitation, Toussaint will put together the puzzle of his past with his remaining memories and Jazmin will be able to forgive and move on with her own life.


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