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2004 | B/N | 8 min

The Eskimos and the Comet A boy who is obsessed with Halley´s Comet wants to ask it for a wish. Thanks to the power of his imagination his wish becomes reality and he will be able to approach his first love.

Country: México
Direction: Díaz Pardo; Christian
Script: Díaz Pardo; Christian
Production: Rodríguez; Hugo, Castro; Ángeles
Photography: Montemayor Loyo; Jimena
Sound: Esteinou; Santiago
Music: Congreso;
Cast:Garibaldi; Mario, Soza; Mariela, Altamirano; Martha, Rencoret; David
Art direction: Beristáin; Natalia, Castro; Daniel, Amescua; Paco
Participation year at FICM: 2005

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González, a young man who lives in anonymity in the world’s biggest city, is desperate to be someone in life and pay his debts. When he begins working at a church that is dedicated to selling false spirituality, González discovers a new way to make money… and he will do everything possible to achieve this.

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