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1966 | Color | 120 min

Delphine and Solange are 25 year-old twins. Blonde Delphine teaches dance and redhead Solange teaches music. The sisters are entirely absorbed in their musical world, but dream of finding love. Traveling performers come through town and end up at the bar owned by the twin?s mother. As the town prepares itself up for the great festival a romantic sailor looks for the perfect girl

Country: Francia
Direction: Demy; Jacques
Script: Dem; Jacques
Production: Bodar; Mag
Photography: Cloque; Ghislain
Music: Legrand; Michel
Cast:Piccoli; Michel, Chakiris; Georges, Perrin; Jacques, Darrieux; Danielle, Drléac; Françoise, Deneuve; Catherine, Kelly; Gene
Participation year at FICM: 2007

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Lola, a cabaret dancer, raises her son by herself. The boy?s father left her seven years ago. Lola awaits him while singing, dancing and eventually loving the transient sailors. Roland Cassard, a childhood friend, runs into Lola and falls in love with her. But she chooses to wait for Michel

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Peau d’âne / Piel de asno

A Jacques Demy film adaptation of a story by Charles Perrault. A princess follows her fairy godmother?s advice and escapes from her father. She disguises herself with a donkey?s hide, which she only takes off when she is alone. A prince sees her and falls in love

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Los paraguas de Cherburgo

Genevieve Emery loves Guy Foucher. Mrs. Emery, who owns an umbrella shop, is against her daughter?s romance with the young mechanic. Guy is called by the Military service to war in Argelia. Upon his departure, Genevieve gives herself to him and becomes pregnant. She rarely hears from Guy. Pushed by her mother, Genevieve accepts the marriage proposal of wealthy gem dealer Roland Cassard. Years later, during a snowy Christmas Eve

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