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2006 | B/N | 24 min

Luciano, a UFO fanatic paralyzed from the waist down, waits for an alien spaceship that will take him away to a distant planet. Álvaro, his new nurse, challenges him with his skepticism.

Country: México
Direction: Yñigo; Omar
Script: Yñigo; Omar
Production: Yñigo; Omar, Jiménez; Héctor
Photography: Carlos Laz; Juan
Sound: Cícero; Horacio, Romero; Víctor
Music: H Romero; Víctor, Cícero; Horacio, Rogers; Máquina
Cast:Jiménez; Héctor, Martínez; Edna, Yñigo; Omar
Art direction: Terrazas; Lorena, Celis; Marian, Servín; Georgina
Participation year at FICM: 2006

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