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2003 | Color | 76 min

The Passion of María Elena. The son of María Elena, a Rarámuri woman from the Tarahumara mountains, is killed when he is run over by a white woman who is declared not responsible. Because of this María Elena moves to the city of Chihuahua. María Elena has her own way of ordering the world so as to get on with her life

Country: México
Direction: Moncada Rodríguez; Mercedes
Script: Moncada Rodríguez; Mercedes
Production: Moncada Rodríguez; Mercedes, Morón Tejero; Javier
Photography: Morón Tejero; Javier
Sound: Larson; Samuel
Music: Café Tacuba;, Chávez; Martín, Larson; Samuel
Art direction:
Participation year at FICM: 2003

Director Movies

The Mermaid and the Diver

This film tells the story of the fantastic life of Sinbad, the diver who fell in love with a mermaid, who dies, is born and grows up in the Miskito lands of Nicaragua.

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