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2005 | Color | 106 min

Jeanne Charming Killman, an investigating magistrate, is in charge of disentangling and solving a complex case of misappropriation and embezzlement that inculpates the president of a significant industrial group. As she delves deeper in the investigation, she realizes her power increases: with more secrets come more ways of exerting pressure. However, for the same reasons, her private life suffers. And soon she is faced with two fundamental questions: to what extent can she employ her power? and how long can she resist the intoxicating effects of this power

Country: Francia
Direction: Chabrol; Claude
Script: Chabrol; Claude, Barski; Odile
Production: Godea; Patrick
Photography: Serr; Eduardo
Sound: Lenoir; Pierre
Music: Chabrol; Matthieu
Cast:Canto; Marilyne, Renucci; Robin, Berléand; François, Bruel; Patrick, Balmer; Jean-francois, Huppert; Isabelle, Chabrol; Thomas
Participation year at FICM: 2006

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Police commissioner Paul Bellamy is spending his holiday in the south of France, in a house belonging to the family of his wife, Françoise, who opted instead for a cruise to the end of the world. Paul doesn’t want to be without his wife,
but he hates travelling. His holiday will be very different this year--especially when two characters join him. Paul’s half-brother Jacques, and Noël Gentil, who he fears, might have killed a man.

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The Bridesmaid

The Bridesmaid Philip Tardieu, an ordinary young man has a neurotic fear of violence and death. At his sister?s wedding, he meets Senta, an actress contemptuous of conventional morality. To prove his love, she asks him to murder a stranger

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