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2020 | Color | 13:03

House of memory is the story of an elderly man who lives in the solitude of his immense film library. A place that seems infinite and eternal in which each shelf contains an invaluable treasure, his memories. However, with the passage of time everything begins to deteriorate and fade, causing him anguish and terror, knowing that he cannot reverse it despite trying.

Country: México
Direction: Rosales Arreola; Sofía
Script: Chaires; Esteban, Rosales Arreola; Sofía
Production: Jiménez Quiles; Laura
Photography: Alatorre; Rodrigo
Sound: Acosta; Odín
Music: Rosales Arreola; Mariana
Art direction: Rosales Arreola; Sofía
Participation year at FICM: 2020

Director Movies

House of Memory

An old man lives in a film library made up of memories captured in celluloid that he carefully preserves. When these tapes begin to deteriorate, he will do everything possible to save his memory.

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