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1935 | B/N | 56:00

Zirahuén, an indigenous fisherman from Lake Pátzcuaro in Michoacán, struggles to defend his territory from outside fishers. Meanwhile, Manuel, a mestizo from the city, tries to seduce Eréndira, Ziráhuen’s girlfriend, ignoring the town’s strict traditional laws—which will bring the protagonists to a disastrous resolution.

Direction: Navarro; Carlos
Script: Quigley; Robert, Márquez; Luis
Production: Peralta H.; Crisóforo, Manero; Antonio
Photography: Draper; Jack
Sound: B. Carles; José
Music: Domínguez; Francisco
Cast:Valdés; Adela, de Flores; Felipe, Langler; Max, González; Gilberto, Fernández; Emilio, Orozco; María Teresa
Art direction: Rodríguez Granada; José
Participation year at FICM: 2017

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Zirahuén, a fisherman from Pátzcuaro lake in Michoacán, confronts speculators who want to take over his territory. The plot thickens when Zirahuén is incarcerated by order of Manuel, who?s after Eréndira, the fisherman´s girlfriend

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