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2008 | Color | 15 min

Ihnitla is a people corrupted by different interests of the clergy, politics and the lowest passions of men, it is here that take place every chapter in the life of Artemio, more a toy of fate, suffering the consequences of all that is can make sentenced to freedom, knowing in advance the final attempt to live.

Country: México
Direction: Lezama González; Benjamín
Script: Lezama González; Benjamín
Production: Ramírez; Rocío, Gutiérrez; Arturo, de La Rosa; Fabiola
Photography: Salgado Alemán; Manuel
Cast:Villalobos; Ángel, Pérez; Edith, Hernández; Fernanda, Espín; Emanuel, Muñoz; M. Ángel
Art direction: Aguilar; Josué
Participation year at FICM: 2009

Director Movies

Chapter II

The grandfather is dying wolf. Before going to want to inherit his grandson, Lui, the knowledge acquired in his youth, for those trips to a magical world where the spirits of the earth live in peace. The nature, spirituality, ancient culture, all that we have forgotten and what we have only to wait.

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