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2005 | B/N | 90 min

Five elements: a violin, ammunition, an army, a popular rebellion. The fight for their rights. Four Characters: don Plutarco, an old violinist; Genaro, his guerrillero son; Lucio, the grandson, silent witness; The Captain, a ruthless soldier. Three Engagements: living the music in order to be free, imposing the strength of weapons on human will, jeopardizing everything for a just life. Two paths: the respect for one´s ideals or painful treason. A movie that allows you to feel what life is.

Country: México
Direction: Vargas Quevedo; Francisco
Script: Vargas Quevedo; Francisco
Production: Rodríguez; Hugo, Vargas Quevedo; Francisco, Castro; Ángeles
Photography: Hijuelo; Óscar, Boege; Martín
Sound: Muñoz Cota Callejas; Isabel
Music: Tavira; Don Ángel, Tavira; Cuauhtémoc
Cast:Garibaldi; Mario, Gama; Dagoberto, Taracena; Gerardo, Castro; Octavio, Martínez; Fermín, Tavira; Don Ángel
Art direction:
Participation year at FICM: 2006

Director Movies

Tierra Caliente… The Best Ones Are Passing Away

Tierra Caliente? The Best Ones Are Passing Away Don Ángel Tavira: 82 years old, still tireless, a violin virtuoso with a missing right hand. Today, he?s determined to preserve an art in extinction: the music of his homeland, la Tierra Caliente in the state of Guerrero. Let?s hope neither time, nor oblivion, nor anything else stops him

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