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El halcón
2023 | B/N | 84:00

Country: México
Direction: Valenzuela; Eduardo
Script: Valenzuela; Eduardo
Production: Valenzuela; Eduardo, Kuroda; Armando, Mason; Morgan, Stavenhagen; Gabriel, Pérez; Luis Roberto, Vergara; Amaury
Photography: Román; Jorge
Cast:Quintanilla; Guillermo, Guerrero; Ianis, Villanueva; Ana Jimena, Sandoval; Said, López; Oscar, Soberón; Héctor, Pizarro; Miguel
Participation year at FICM: 2023

Director Movies

As Time Goes By

The story of a once prominent actor who spends the last days of his life in a rundown retirement home. A surprise visit from his son unravels a series of events that will change their perspective on life, death and family.

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