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2014 | B/N | 110:00

A mysterious man emerges from the rainforest to rescue a woman kidnapped by mercenaries who have killed her father to take over his land. 

Country: Argentina
Direction: Fendrik; Pablo
Script: Fendrik; Pablo
Production: Kuschevatzky; Axel, Catani; Vania, Kemner; Birgit, King; Jonathan, Skoll; Jeff, Videla Peña; Nathalia, Cruz; Pablo, García Bernal; Gael, Gompel; Philippe, Gugliotta; Juan Pablo
Photography: Apezteguia; Julián
Sound: Saldanha; George
Music: Escofet; Sebastián, Gándara; Julián
Cast:Tolcachir; Claudio, Sesán; Jorge, García Bernal; Gael, Braga; Alice
Art direction: Saiegh; Micaela
Participation year at FICM: 2014

Director Movies

Blood Appears

Arturo, a peaceful cab driver, has to obtain two thousand dollars in the next twenty-four hours. His older son, Ramiro, has just phoned from Houston begging him for help. His wife, Irene, keeps their savings away from him. That same day Leandro, their younger son, who still lives with them, plans to steal those savings, buy a bunch of drugs, run away to the coast to sell them at nightclubs in order to get enough cash to buy a plane ticket and look for his brother.

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