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1931 | B/N | 20

An avant-garde series of images shot around the harbor of Oporto, Portugal. A vision of a working town

Country: Portugal
Direction: de Oliveira; Manoel
Script: de Oliveira; Manoel
Production: de Oliveira; Manoel
Photography: Mende; António
Music: De Freitas Branco; Luís
Participation year at FICM: 2004

Director Movies

Gebo and the Shadow

Despite his age and general weariness, Gebo keeps on working as an accountant to provide for his family. He lives with his wife, Doroteia, and his daughter-in-law, Sofia, but it is the absence of João, son and husband, that worries them. Gebo seems to be hiding something, especially from Doroteia, who is anxiously waiting to see her son again. Sofia is also waiting for her husband to come home, and yet she fears him. All of a sudden, João arrives and everything changes.

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Um filme falado

A celebration of travel, conversation, and ideas, this odyssey follows young history professor Rosa Marie as she sets off by sea with her precocious daughter to meet her husband in Bombay. Journeying through the wonders of Western civilization, they encounter a series of intriguing cultural guides and passengers who weigh in on the sites and state of the world. De Oliveira weaves a seductive web, enthralling us with enchanting characters, locales, and banter, while retaining a dark and provocative twist up his sleeve

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