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2004 | Color | 110 min

When the star anchor man of a sensationalist Miami news show travels to a town on the coast of Ecuador to cover a story on a child serial killer, his personal ambition gets the best of him and his pursuit of a moment of glory leads to tragic consequences

Country: México, Ecuador
Direction: Cordero; Sebastián
Script: Cordero; Sebastián
Production: Torresblanco; Frida, Dávalos; Isabel, Fox; Carolina, Rivera; Lisandra, Vergar; Jorge, Cuarón; Alfonso, Navarro; Bertha
Photography: Chediak; Enrique
Sound: Núñez; Santiago, Hernández; Martín
Cast:Hernández; Martín, Núñez; Santiago
Participation year at FICM: 2004

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