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1970 | Color | 104:00

Lou Andreas Sand, a once-famous model, recalls her past: her efforts to launch a modeling career in New York; her relationship with Mark, an advertising executive; her friendship with photographer Aaron; and her downward spiral into ruin.

Country: Estados Unidos
Direction: Schatzberg; Jerry
Script: Schatzberg; Jerry, Eastman; Carole
Production: Foreman; John
Photography: Holender; Adam
Sound: Rackow; Sanford
Music: Small; Michael
Cast:Primus; Barry, Lindfors; Viveca, Scheider; Roy, Jackson; Ruth, Heffernan; John, Walker; Sydney, Burckhalter; Clark, Rich; Shirley, Morse; Barry, Dunaway; Faye
Art direction: Bianchi; Richard
Participation year at FICM: 2015

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Amid a dusty, isolated American landscape, Max, just released from prison, meets Lionel, a young wandering vagabond. Max offers Lion the possibility of joining him as a business partner in a car wash he wants to set up in Pittsburgh. This marks the beginning of a friendship that takes them hitchhiking across the country and undergoing a series of adventures as they set out to realize Max’s dream.

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