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1981 | Color | 130 min

1938: A French-African colony populated with blacks and few whites (usually racist and lustful). Lucien Cordier is the Village Cop, a washout whom everyone (including his wife Huguette) humilates. He never arrests anyone and looks elsewhere when something bad happens. But one day, he turns into a Machiavellian extermination angel

Country: Francia
Direction: Tavernier; Bertrand
Script: Thompson; Jim, Aureche; Jean, Tavernier; Bertrand
Production: Lassa; Henri, Viezzi; Adolphe
Photography: Glen; Pierre-William
Sound: Desrois; Michel
Music: Sarde; Philippe
Cast:Noiret; Philippe, Audran; Stéphane, Michell; Eddy, Marchand; Guy, Marielle; Jean-Pierre, Huppert; Isabelle
Art direction: Trauner; Alexandre
Participation year at FICM: 2007

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Journey Through French Cinema

This documentary is a journey through the history of French cinema, from the very particular point of view of the documentary’s creator. Bertrand Tavernier presents a selection of filmmakers who have either influenced his films, or with whom he has worked over the many decades of his career as a director: a collection of artists that are an essential part of French cinematography.

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The Princess of Montpensier

France 1562. The wars between the Catholics and the Protestants wreak havoc against a backdrop of intrigue and shifting alliances. Marie de Mézières, a young beautiful aristocrat, and Henri de Guise, one of the most daring heroes in the kingdom, have fallen in love. But Marie’s father offers her daughter’s hand in matrimony to the Prince of Montpensier. Henri de Guise and the Duke of Anjou— heir to the throne—stop by the Montpensier’s chateau on their way back from the battlefield. Henri and Marie realize they are more in love than ever. . .

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La vida y nada más

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