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| Color | 87:00

Haunted by his violent past, Benigno is willing to sell the old family farm. Soon he discovers he needs consent from Mabel and Perucho, his children, with whom he hasn’t been in contact since the tragic death of Felicia, wife and mother of his children. The potential buyer, an army Colonel named Corona, seeks to negotiate with Mabel and Perucho behind Benigno’s back, as they arrive to town to demand what belongs to them.

Direction: Hernández Aldana; Jorge
Script: Hernández Aldana; Jorge
Production: Cova; Rodolfo, Hernández Aldana; Jorge, Velasco; Cristina
Photography: Arteaga; Luis Armando
Sound: González Jordán; Federico, Enríquez Rivaud; José Miguel
Music: Sveinsson; Kjartan
Cast:Denis; Francisco, Dakar; Jorge, Peña; Vicente, Mabo; Tatiana, García; Giovanny, Montilla; Jerico, Gil; Rafael
Art direction:
Participation year at FICM: 2021

Director Movies

The Heirs

Teenagers' leisure at full swing: a group of friends spend their holidays at parties, having sex, boozing, and partaking in any adventure that brings them a boost of adrenaline. As they use violence for entertainment and to fulfill their authoritarian fantasies, their adventures will show the cracks and the collapse of the perfect world they live in.

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