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Mark Cousins

Mark Cousins is an Irish-Scottish director and writer. His films—including The Story of Film: An OdysseyWhat Is This Film Called Love?Life May BeA Story of Children and FilmAtomicStockholm My LoveI Am Belfast, and The Eyes of Orson Welles—have premiered at Cannes, Berlin, Sundance, and Venice, winning the Prix Italia, a Peabody, the Stanley Kubrick Award, and the European Film Award for Innovative Storytelling. He has filmed in Iraq, Sarajevo during the siege, Iran, Mexico, across Asia, and in the US and Europe. Cousins’ books include Imag- ining Reality: The Faber Book of Documentary and The Story of Looking. He has collaborated with Tilda Swinton on innovative film events, and he continually tries to find new filmic ways to explore his themes: looking, cities, cinema, childhood, and recovery. His fourteen-hour doc- umentary Women Make Film seeks to rethink cinema. His newest films are The Storms of Jeremy ThomasThe Story of Looking, and The Story of Film: A New Generation. He has walked across Los Angeles, Belfast, Moscow, Beijing, London, Paris, Berlin, Dakar, and Mexico City, and he likes night swimming.