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She graduated from the Centro Universitario de Estudios Cinematográficos (CUEC­UNAM, University Film Studies Center) and has pursued graduate studies in documentary filmmaking at the Moscow Film School, as well as in new technologies at the University of Southern California.

She has directed and produced about thirty documentaries and fiction features at Calacas and Palomas, the film and video company she co­founded with Leopoldo Best. Her work addresses current events faced by Mexican society, with particular emphasis on gender issues, changes in sexual behavior, and reproductive rights violations.

Her work as a documentary filmmaker achieved national and international recognition with No les pedimos un viaje a la Luna, on the 1985 earthquake in Mexico City, which earned her an Ariel Award and other prizes both within and beyond Mexico.

In 1999, De Lara made En el país de no pasa nada, her first fiction feature, which won three prizes at the XV Guadalajara International Film Festival and was selected for numerous international festivals.

Her many prizes include the Ariel Award; the Diosa de Plata; the Colón de Oro in Huelva; the Mayahuel in Guadalajara; the Best Documentary prize at the First International Film and Video Festival in Puerto Rico; and the Best Documentary prize at the Canary Islands Film Festival, as well as a journalists’ distinction in Créteil, France, and the OCIC award. Her documentaries have been screened in over twenty countries.

She has obtained grants from Mexico’s National Foundation for Culture and the Arts, and the National System of Artists, the Ford Foundation, as well as the leadership grant from the MacArthur Foundation. She has also delivered lectures on film at Princeton University; in Maricopa, Arizona; in Washington, D.C.; and at the London Film School.

Among her most noteworthy films are Alaide Foppa, la sin ventura (2014), Expedientes (contra la criminalización) (2011), Reflexiones ciudadanas (2009), Voces silenciadas, libertad amenazada (2008), ¿Más vale maña que fuerza? (2007), No me digas que esto es fácil (2004), No solo es la sustancia (2003), Boxeadoras mexicanas, el difícil oficio de los puñe tazos (2002), Estamos rodeados de tentaciones (1996), Decisiones difíciles (1995), La vida sigue (1995), Nosotras también: mujer y sida en México (1994), and Quizás… el saber más (1993).