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Those who remain wins Best Documentary in LA

The jury said Those who remain, which premiered at FICM 2008, won because ?with its generosity of spirit and lyrical grace that illuminates a human landscape with fresh eyes, reminds us that documentaries can be both journalism and poetry."

The Target Documentary Award includes a cash prize of $50,000, funded by Target, to help filmmakers transfer their vision to the screen. The award recognizes the finest documentary film in competition, and is given to the director.

Through scenes of daily life, Those who remain captures an intimate and discerning depiction of the impact of migration on families left behind by loved ones who go to work in the United States. For some, the U.S. represents a land of opportunities and for others it means silence, melancholy and wait. This is a portrait of "the other side" of the immigration story.

Of the 500 feature-length films registered in the Documentary Competition section, Those who remain was the only film in Spanish. For the screenings, only seven of the hundreds of movies were selected for the official competition.

The documentary will compete in the 44th Edition of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in Czech Republic, which will be held from July 3rd to the 11th.