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Jorge Ayala Blanco

Over the last decades, and thanks to an impressive body of work, Jorge Ayala Blanco has become one of Mexico’s most respected film critics. Since 1963 he has worked as a full-time professor at the Centro Universitario de Estudios Cinematográficos (CUEC). He became a film critic that same year, and since then has contributed without interruption to Mexico’s leading periodicals. His research has focused on film exhibition in Mexico. His critical works on Mexican cinema have taken the form of sequential volumes: La aventura del cine mexicano (1968), La búsqueda del cine mexicano (1986), La condición del cine mexicano (1986), La disolvencia del cine mexicano (1991), La eficacia del cine mexicano (1996), La fugacidad del cine mexicano (2001) and La grandeza del cine mexicano (2004). Other works have cultivated his interest in international cinema:Cine norteamericano de hoy (1968), Falaces fenómenos fílmicos (1981), A salto de imágenes (1988), El cine, juego de estructuras (2002), El cine actual, desafío y pasión (2003), El cine invisible (2004) and El cine actual, palabras clave (2005) He is a member of the Sistema Nacional de Investigadores (National Researcher’s System) since 1988, and currently writes for the journal El Financiero.