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Impulso Morelia 7


The Morelia International Film Festival (FICM) is pleased to announce the titles selected to participate in Impulso Morelia 7, the festival’s section that showcases Mexican feature films in diverse stages of editing and post-production, in the aim to establish a constructive dialogue about the proposals and offer them international visibility.

These titles will be presented exclusively to a panel of international experts summoned by the Morelia Film Festival in order to create a unique space for reflection on the selected projects. Additionally, Impulso Morelia 7 grants important awards, both in kind and in cash, that will directly contribute to the conclusion, promotion and visibility of the proposals.


Impulso Morelia 7 Winners

The José María Riba Award bestowed by Cinépolis Distribución consists in a cash incentive of $150,000 MXN destined to post-production services and/or promotion. This incentive will be awarded by the international experts’ panel and will be delivered no later than June 2022.

Specialized information web portal LatAm offers to the winner of the José María Riba Award a promotional campaign, which includes one advertising page in one of the magazine’s numbers, with an approximate cost of USD$1,500.

Icunacury Acosta & Co. offers three months of accompaniment in public relations, with an approximate value of $75,000 MXN. This period will be established with the production team and must be previous to any distribution commitment deal.

José María Riba Award Winner: BENIGNO CRUZ, by Jorge Hernández Aldana

Estudios Churubusco will give an award of $800,000 MXN in post-production and TXH sound services to one of the projects. This support does not include materials, operators and Dolby license. It is valid for two years, starting from the date granted.

Winner: JOURNEY TO THE LAND OF THE TARAHUMARA, by Federico Cecchetti

The post-production studio Splendor Omnia will give an award consisting in one week of sound mix and another of color correction, with an approximated value of $243,000 MXN. This support does not include accommodation expenses nor technicians fees. It is valid for two years, starting from the date granted.

Winner: BENIGNO CRUZ, by Jorge Hernández Aldana

Impulso Morelia 7 Selection


130 Millions Shoes/ 130 Millones De Zapatos (fiction, first time director)

Dir. Carlos Eichelmann Kaiser

Production: Gabriela Maldonado, Alejandro de Icaza

Production company: BHD Films

In a forgotten part of the Mexican mountains lives Tacho, a farmer who tends his sorry plot of land as life slips through his fingers. When he receives word of his daughter’s death, he travels to the city, a harsh world completely alien to him, so he can bring her body back home.


Benigno Cruz (fiction)

Dir. Jorge Hernández Aldana

Production: Jorge Hernández Aldana, Rodolfo Cova, Cristina Velasco

Production company: Paloma Negra Films

Haunted by his violent past, Benigno is willing to sell the old family farm. Soon he discovers he needs consent from Mabel and Perucho, his children, with whom he hasn’t been in contact since the tragic death of Felicia, his wife and mother of his children. The potential buyer, an army Colonel named Corona, seeks to negotiate with Mabel and Perucho behind Benigno’s back, as they arrive to town to demand what belongs to them.


Journey To The Land Of The Tarahumara / Cartas Desde El País De Los Tarahumaras (fiction)

Dir. Federico Cecchetti

Production: Edher Campos

Production company: Machete Producciones 

The life of Rayenari changes when the poet Antonin Artaud arrives to his village seeking the spiritual knowledge of the Tarahumara. Rayenari introduces him to the Peyote ceremony. However, the poet abandons the ritual and loses his soul. Sometime later, Rayenari discovers through dreams that Artaud has been committed to a mental hospital. It will be through dreams that Rayenari will help his friend to recover what he lost.


Sanson And Me (documentary)

Dir. Rodrigo Reyes

Production: Sun Kim, Rodrigo Reyes, Inti Cordera

Production company: Grumpy Squared, LLC

Over the course of seven years of sharing letters and visiting him, Sanson and me have collaborated on a script for a series of reenactments narrating his tragic life story, spanning his childhood as a poor orphan in Mexico to his struggles to survive as a teenager in rural California. Slowly, the film begins to grow into an expansive portrait of the systemic failures impacting Sanson’s life as well as our developing friendship.


Lines Between Clouds / Trazos Del Cielo (documentary, first time director)

Dir. Ligia Cortés Aguila

Production: Alejandra Cacho, Jennifer Skarbnik

Surrounding Tajin there are several schools for Papantla flyers attended by Dana, Said, Jairo and Sarahí, four children that show us the magic of this Totonaca dance. Through their imagination, they will take us on a journey through the legends that speak of how new generations can fly and save the region from drought. In order to fly, they must confront their fears, be disciplined and keep dreaming like other children.


A Place Called Music / Un Lugar Llamado Música (documentary, first time director)

Dir. Enrique M. Rizo

Production: Cathia Cuevas, Marion d’Ornano

Production company: Telegrama Audiovisual

The musical journey between Mexican Wixárika musician Daniel Medina and American composer Philip Glass.

Expert's Panel Impulso Morelia 7

Meet the panel of experts

Charles Tesson

Charles Tesson

Charles Tesson has been the Artistic Director of Critic’s Week at Cannes Film Festival from 2012 to 2021. He was the President of Aide aux Cinémas du Monde (CNC-Institut français) from 2016 to 2021. He has been film critic in Cahiers du cinéma (1979-2013), and former editor of this magazine (1998-2003). He is also professor in cinema, history and esthetics, at la Sorbonne nouvelle (University of Paris III). He wrote several books and essays on cinema, as Satyajit Ray (1992), Luis Bunuel (1995), El from Luis Bunuel (1996), Photogénie de la Série B (1997), Théâtre et cinéma (2007) and Akira Kurosawa (2008). He directed few special issues for Cahiers du cinema, as « Made in Hong Kong » (1984) with Olivier Assayas, « Made in China » (1999) and codirected the book L’Asie à Hollywood (2001).

Everardo González

Everardo González

Mexican filmmaker dedicated to the production, photography, and direction of documentary films. He is one of the strongest Latin American voices in the genre, with credits that include "La canción del pulque" (2003), "Los ladrones viejos" (2007), "El Cielo abierto" (2011), "Cuates de Australia" (2011), "El Paso" (2015) and "La libertad del diablo” (2017). His work has been screened and awarded at festivals like IDFA, Toulouse, Los Angeles, Locarno, Miami, Montreal, Sarajevo, Rotterdam, BAFICI, Mar del Plata, Guadalajara and Morelia, among others. He's worked as part of the photography department on films like Carlos Carrera's “Backyard” and Diego Diezquemada's “La jaula de oro”, nominated to the Caméra d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. He also directed the Netflix non-fiction documentary short film “A Three Minute Hug” in 2018, and in 2019, he made “Children from the Narcozone.” His most recent project is “Yermo” (2020).

González is a grantee of the Hubert Bals Fund of the Rotterdam International Film Festival, the Jan Virjman Fund of the IDFA and the Tribeca Film Institute. He's been nominated for the Ariel Award by the Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Sciences and Arts 11 times, including nominations for Best Film and Best Director, and has won 8 of those statuettes. The International Documentary Association (IDA) chose his film “Cuates de Australia” to boost his nomination for Best Documentary Feature in the 2012 Oscars.

His work has been screened and broadcast in more than 40 countries. He is also a founding partner of the documentary production and distribution company Artegios.

Lucila Moctezuma

Lucila Moctezuma

Lucila Moctezuma is Program Director at Chicken & Egg Pictures (C&E) where she oversees the design and implementation of the organization’s programs in support of women and gender nonconfomring documentary filmmakers, which includes labs, mentorship and grants for filmmakers at different stages of their careers and film production. Prior to joining C&E she was Executive Producing Director at UnionDocs, center for documentary art in Brooklyn; managed the Production Assistance Program at Women Make Movies, providing support to women filmmakers in the development of their projects; was Director of the Media Arts Fellowships for The Rockefeller Foundation, a highly prestigious program that supported media artists in the US and Latin America; and founded and was Coordinator of TFI Latin America Fund for Tribeca Film Institute. Lucila is in the documentary selection committee of the Morelia International Film Festival and sits on the Executive Board of Cine Qua Non Lab, a residency for international filmmakers in Michoacán, Mexico. She was Vice-President of the Board of Trustees of The Flaherty, and U.S. Delegate for the Huesca International Film Festival in Spain. Her work as Associate Producer includes the documentary series The New Americans for Kartemquin Films, and Shocking and Awful for Deep Dish TV, which was part of the 2006 Whitney Biennial. Lucila is originally from Mexico City and holds a degree in Philosophy at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico. Lucila is a frequent guest participant at film forums, panels and juries in the US and abroad and in 2021 she became a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Documentary Branch.

Michael Fitzgerald

Michael Fitzgerald

Producer Michael Fitzgerald was born in New York City, raised in Italy and educated in Ireland.  After graduating from Harvard University he began his film career as a screenwriter in Rome.  In 1979, he produced and co-wrote John Huston’s celebrated film adaptation of Flannery O’Connor’s Wise Blood

His second film with Huston, Under the Volcano was nominated for two Academy Awards (Best Actor—Albert Finney and Best Music—Alex North).

He then produced The Penitent, starring Raul Julia, Mister Johnson with Academy Award-winning director Bruce Beresford and Blue Danube Waltz with the world-renowned Hungarian director Miklós Jancsó

A producing partnership with actor/director Sean Penn culminated in their critically acclaimed production of The Pledge, starring Jack Nicholson. 

In 2005 he completed both Colour Me Kubrick, starring John Malkovich, about a con-man who impersonates director Stanley Kubrick, and The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada directed by and starring Tommy Lee Jones. 

For its realization of life, death and redemption along the Texas-Mexico border, The Three Burials won the Actor prize for Tommy Lee Jones and the Screenplay prize for Guillermo Arriaga at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival.

In 2008 he produced In the Electric Mist, directed by Bertrand Tavernier.

In September 2013 he completed principal photography on Closer to the Moon, written and directed by Nae Caranfil.

The Homesman, directed by Tommy Lee Jones and starring Tommy Lee Jones, Hilary Swank and Meryl Streep, was accepted in competition at the Cannes Film festival  in 2014 .

A feature Documentary, Eco de la Montaña, directed by Nicolas Echevarria, won the top three prizes at the Guadalajara Film Festival in March.

In 2019 He completed an adaptation of J.M.Coetzee’s Waiting for the Barbarians, directed by Ciro Guerra and starring Mark Rylance, Johnny Depp and Robert Pattinson.

Michael Fitzgerald is a member of the Board Of Governors of the Telluride Film Festival, The Board Of Advisers of The Harvard Film Archive, and has served as a Trustee of The Virginia Wellington Cabot Foundation. He is a member of the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences.

He has served on many Film Festival Juries around the world, including Edinburgh, Mexico City, Morelia, Buenos Aires, Torino, Thessaloniki, Cluj and Abu Dhabi.  He chaired the Jury in Astana in 2008.

Mónica Lozano

Mónica Lozano

Mónica Lozano is a renowned Mexican producer with more than 22 years of experience. She has produced and co-produced some of the most internationally recognized Mexican films in recent years. She is CEO of Alebrije Producciones, the former President of the Mexican Association of Independent Producers (AMPI) and is the current President of the Mexican Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMACC).

For over a decade, Lozano Serrano was part of the Altavista Films team. The prolific production company ventured into the most diverse film genres and established distribution and co-production alliances in the Americas, creating European connections to build a distribution and participation network of Mexican-made cinema – a mission Lozano has carried onto Alebrije Cine y Video. In addition, complementing her work as a producer, she has distributed over 200 titles acquired by Estudio México Films.

Her business vision has led her to actively collaborate with the Mexican Government to promote actions aimed at improving the conditions of film production, distribution, and exhibition in Mexico.

With more than 40 films, Mónica Lozano has produced and co-produced several of the most internationally recognized Mexican films in recent years. Some standouts are: Amores Perros (Alejandro González Iñárritu, 2000); En la mente del asesino: Aro Tolbukhin (Agustín Villaronga, 2003), Nicotina (Hugo Rodríguez, 2003), Voces Inocentes (Luis Mandoki, 2004), El Violín (Francisco Vargas, 2005), Colosio: El Asesinato (Carlos Bolado, 2012), el éxito en taquilla en México y Estados Unidos No se aceptan devoluciones (Eugenio Derbez, 2013), El Jeremías (Anwar Safa, 2014), El Elegido (Antonio Chavarrías, 2015), ¿Qué culpa tiene el niño? (Gustavo Loza, 2016), Sueño en otro idioma (Ernesto Contreras, 2016), Polvo (José María Yazpik, 2019) y Marioneta (Álvaro Curiel 2019), Danyka aka Mar de fondo (Michael Rowe, 2020), El diablo entre las piernas (Arturo Ripstein, 2021), Cosas Imposibles (Ernesto Contreras, 2021).