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Impulso Morelia 6 Announces Its Program, International Experts’ Panel and Awards

The Morelia International Film Festival (FICM) is pleased to announce the titles selected to participate in Impulso Morelia 6, the festival’s section that since 2015 showcases Mexican feature films in diverse stages of editing and post-production, in the aim of establish a constructive dialogue about the proposals and offer them international visibility.

Impulso Morelia 6

Impulso Morelia 6 selected projects are:


Dir. Rigoberto Perezcano

Production company: Tiburón Filmes

Leobardo, a father who lives in the Oaxaca valley along with his eleven-year-old son Olivo, faces his imminent death with fear. For this reason, Leobardo embarks on an initiatory journey for his son. Years later, the soul of Leobardo will accompany Olivo in his adult life, as a silent witness of his experiences and passions on earth.

CRUZ (documentary)

Dir. Teresa Camou Guerrero

Production: Teresa Camou Guerrero, Jenny Mügel

Cruz, a determined Rarámuri indigenous from the Sierra Tarahumara in Mexico, and his family were dispossessed of their lands by the mafia by refusing to change their corn crop to opium poppy. Now, they live in exile under the threat of death, desperately seeking justice to be able to return to their birthplace.

DANTE & SOLEDAD (fiction, first time director)

Dir. Alexandra de la Mora

Production company: Películas Bomba, Woo Films

Inés stops working to dedicate herself completely to her newborn daughter. Unlike her mother, she does want to be present. The lack of sleep and the demanding Layla overwhelm her with confusion. Her husband tries to reach out but the only place where Inés finds refuge is with her small aquarium. The tension between her lost life and her uncertain future forces her to choose between stay on this sinking ship or follow the path to a new identity.

JOURNEYS (fiction)

Dir. Sergio Flores Thorija

Production company: Leap of Faith Cine

Alejandra and Víctor live under contrasting circumstances in a city that is artificially divided in two by a wall: Tijuana and San Diego. Each one has a plan in mind for their future but a tragedy forces them to embark on a journey to the other side of their respective borders, this journey leads them to reflect on their origins and identity.

NEIGHBORS (fiction)

Dir. Diana Cardozo

Production company: Agalma, Foprocine IMCINE

Luis witnesses the murder of his neighbors and the indifference of others. The looting of the victims’ house. The pettiness of his father who appropriates an armchair. Father and son will try to sell it in another town. They have to cross the mountain by bicycle pulling a cart with the armchair. In a few days Luis attends the mystery of death, the fragility of adults, the wonder of time, the learning of masculinity.

MOM (documentary, first time director)

Dir. Juan Antonio Méndez Rodríguez

Production company: Terra Nostra Films

As a Mexican Tsotsil I grew up between the sacrality both of Guadalupe Virgin and Mother Earth. As a son, I grew up among the derision of not having a father and blaming my mother for it. Mom is a dialogue between mother and son exploring their contradictions, knowing and recognizing each other, and reflecting on naturalized violence and its reproduction.

DISTANCE LETTERS (documentary) *

Dir. Juan Carlos Rulfo

Production company: La Media Luna, Península Films

At Hospital 27 in Tlatelolco, those infected with COVID-19 are isolated and lose all contact with the outside. For this reason, a group of nurses develop a system to exchange letters and videos that will bring patients closer to their families where they reflect on their lives, opportunities, the pandemic, and love, through those words they open a door to hope.

* Does not compete for the José María Riba Award

These titles will be presented exclusively to a film industry professional audience, and to a panel of international experts summoned by the Morelia Film Festival in order to create a unique space for reflection on the selected projects. Additionally, Impulso Morelia 6 grants important awards, both in kind and in cash, that will directly contribute to the conclusion, promotion and visibility of the proposals.

International Experts’ Panel

The Morelia Film Festival has brought together an international experts’ panel that will analyze with strict, constructive and respectful spirit all the proposals included in Impulso Morelia 6, and will establish a useful dialogue with their creators.

The panel will be integrated by the renowned production designer Eugenio Caballero; Vicente Canales, director of the international sales agency Film Factory; the outstanding Mexican filmmaker Jorge Fons; Esther García, head of the important Spanish audiovisual production company El Deseo; and Bertha Navarro, one of the most prominent film producers in Mexico.

Impulso Morelia 6 Awards

  •  The José María Riba Award bestowed by Cinépolis Distribución consists in a cash incentive of $150,000 MXN destined to post-production services and/or promotion. This incentive will be awarded by the international experts’ panel.
  • Specialized information web portal LatAm cinema.com offers to the winner of the José María Riba Award a promotional campaign, which includes one advertising page in one of the magazine’s numbers, with an approximate cost of USD$1,500.
  • Icunacury Acosta & Co. offers to the winner of José María Riba Award a year of accompaniment in public relations, with an approximate value of $240,000 MXN.
  • Estudios Churubusco will award one project with $800,000 MXN in post-production and TXH sound services. The support does not include materials, operators and Dolby license. It is valid for a year, starting from the date granted.
  • The prestigious post-production studio Splendor Omnia will give an award consisting in one week of sound mix and another one of color correction, with an approximated value of $243,000 MXN. The support does not include technicians’ fees and it’s valid for two years.

This year, Impulso Morelia 6 will take place online. The winners of the aforementioned awards will be announced at the award ceremony of the 18th edition of FICM.