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BOSNIAN DREAM (2015, dir. Sergio Flores Thorija) 2015 | Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mexico | Color | 33 min.

Direction: Sergio Flores Thorija

Script: Sergio Flores Thorija

Country: Bosnia y Herzegovina, México

Production: Béla Tarr

Production Company: Film Factory

Photography: Sergio Flores Thorija | Bianca Lucas

Edition: Sergio Flores Thorija

Sound: Levan Lomjaria

Cast: Patrick Marshall | Sena Mujanovic | Ivana Vojinovic

FICM Awards: Premio a Cortometraje de Ficción | Sección de Cortometraje Mexicano

Year of participation at FICM: 2015

SYNOPSIS: Ivana is a young Bosnian working class woman that dreams about moving to America. Nevertheless, this dream fills very distant because she has to take care of her sick mother and works in a kitchen to be able to support her.