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A Conversation with Tim Roth at the 13th FICM

British actor Tim Roth, Guest of Honor at the 13th FICM, sat down with British film critic Nick Roddick at the Public Library in Morelia, to talk about Roth’s career. Following the conversation, there was a question and answer session with the audience.

Tim Roth on the FICM:
“It reminds me in a more modest way, but a good way, of Lyon, which is Thierry Frémaux’s festival when he’s through with Cannes. It’s in a very beautiful setting.”

The Public Library at Morelia. The Public Library at Morelia.

Tim Roth on playing Governor Wallace in Selma:
“On Selma I was on set about a week and a half. It was just a brief thing, but it was a lot of fun. I loved playing him. He’s a truly obnoxious human being. There were scary moments. I had to give a speech and the director gave me the speech a couple of nights before. I had to really get the accent down, everything had to happen real fast. But we were doing it in Atlanta with all these Confederate flags and it was a predominantly a black population and they were stopping in the streets watching me deliver this incredibly racist speech over and over again. I was getting an applause from the crowd. If you’re going to be that man you better be him right. There’s a reason why they rose up, because of people like that and a long history. So you owe it to the black population to try and get that guy right.”

You can watch the complete Master Class: here.