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Mexican Film Noir Program Among The Best of 2015

Renowned critic J. Hoberman recently published a list of the ten most important film events of 2015 on the ArtForum website. The list includes the program of Mexican Film Noir, which was presented at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York under the title “Mexico at Midnight: Film Noir from Mexican Cinema’s Golden Age”.

This program was curated by FICM, in collaboration with Fundación Televisa, the Cineteca Nacional and the Filmoteca de la UNAM, and includes seven classic titles: En la palma de tu mano / In the Palm of your Hand (1951), by Roberto Gavaldón; La otra / The Other One (1946), by Roberto Gavaldón; La noche avanza / Night Falls (1952), by Roberto Gavaldón; La diosa arrodillada / The Kneeling Goddess (1947), by Roberto Gavaldón; Crepúsculo / Twilight (1945), by Julio Bracho; Que Dios me perdone / May God Forvgive Me (1948), by Tito Davison; and Distinto amanecer / Another Dawn (1943), by Julio Bracho.

Gavaldon Distinto amanecer / Another Dawn (1943), by Julio Bracho.

The program was presented at MoMA in June of 2015, and enjoyed an extraordinarily positive response from both the general public, and the international press.The Wall Street Journal, The Village Voice, The New York Times, ArtForum, and even Vogue magazine were impressed by the talent and originality demonstrated by these films, praising the genius of directors like Roberto Gavaldón and Julio Bracho, of DoP Alex Phillips, and the fascinating performances of Arturo de Córdova, Dolores del Río, Leticia Palma and Maria Félix.

It is our pleasure to share J. Hoberman’s claim that “Mexico at Midnight: Film Noir from Mexican Cinema’s Golden Age” was among the best that cinema had to offer in 2015, gaining fifth place in his list, with the justification that: “Roberto Gavaldón’s In the Palm of Your Hand (1951) and Night Falls (1952) were my favorites, but all seven of the Mexican noirs programmed by Dave Kehr at MoMA this summer were revelations...”

To see Hoberman’s complete list, click here.