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Alfonso Cuaron presented a second screening of Y tu mamá también at the 15th FICM

By: Gabriel Andrade Espinosa

Alfonso Cuarón presented a second screening of Y tu mamá también (2001) at the 15th Morelia International Film Festival (FICM), as part of the program From Mexico to Hollywood and the Oscar®.

Accompanied by Daniela Michel, general director of FICM, and Alejandro Ramírez, president of the festival, the Oscar-winning director talked about the many interpretations of Y tu mamá también that have taken place.

Alfonso Cuarón, Daniela Michel, Alejandro Ramírez.

Slavoj Žižek did a whole essay on Y tu mamá también talking about how it’s a very easy reading: people may think it’s a movie about a couple of guys going on a trip, plotting a romance with an older woman, and that it develops that moment in which they enter maturity, all this with a country in the background. This is a misreading. The correct thing is that it is the story of a country that is in a transition towards maturity and the story of these two boys and their romance with the older woman is in the background.

He drew an analogy between human growth and a country’s growth, citing that “the earthquake of 1985 somehow detonated social movements that led to democratic change. It was this as the transition from a political childhood to a political adolescence. And this earthquake that we just suffered was the entrance to a political maturity. And one thing to consider in this analysis is that this political child is a beaten child who later gave way to a beaten teenager. And we know the possible consequences that a difficult childhood and adolescence