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Yves Jeanneau

Yves Jeanneau’s commitment to the promotion of documentary film culture spans a remarkable trajectory in the production and exhibition of films, both in television and on the big screen. He was co-founder and general manager of Les Films D’Ici from 1984 to 2000, served as head of the Documentary Unit at Pathé Television from 2000 to 2001, and at France 2 from 2001 to 2005. As executive producer, he has produced more than 100 award winning documentaries, many in collaboration with international partners such as HBO, NHK, ABC, BBC, Channel 4, ARD and PBS. Among his most acclaimed productions are Murder on a Sunday Morning (dir. Jean-Xavier de Lestrade), which obtained the 2002 Academy Award for best documentary, The Pinochet Case (dir. Patricio Guzmán), The Gospel according to the Papuans (dir. Thomas Balmes), Norman Mailer, Histoires d’Amérique (dir. Richard Copans), Chile, memoria obstinada (dir. Patricio Guzmán) and Transantarctica and Au Sud du Sud (dir. Laurent Chevallier). He is currently the director of Sunny Side of the Doc, an event he founded and has headed since 1984, and which constitutes the main market place for documentary film, gathering 2000 attendants from around the world every year in La Rochelle, France.