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The new cycle of FICM Award-winning films is now available as part of FICM Presenta Online

The third cycle of Award-winning films from the Morelia International Film Festival (FICM) is now available online to watch free of charge at www.moreliafilmfest.com, as part of the FICM Presents Online initiative. This selection of Mexican feature films, documentaries and short films were all part of the Official Selection at the 2017 edition of the Festival.

This initiative is part of the work that FICM is doing in response to the COVID-19 global crisis. The objective is to offer a free, open, virtual space where the public can enjoy great Mexican films, while they are practicing social distancing.

Every two weeks, FICM Presents Online will upload a new selection of award-winning films from previous editions of FICM at www.moreliafilmfest.com.

Some of the films that will be available to watch as part of FICM Presents Online are:

  1. Oso polar, by Marcelo Tobar
  2. The Drawer Boy, by Arturo Pérez Torres
  3. Ayer maravilla fui, by Gabriel Mariño Garza
  4. Regreso al origen, by María José Glender
  5. Sinvivir, by Anaïs Pareto Onghena
  6. Potentiae, by JavierToscano
  7. Artemio, by Sandra Luz López
  8. No sucumbió a la eternidad, by Daniela Rea Gómez
  9. Vuelve a mí, by Daniel Nájera Betancourt
  10. Relato familiar, by Sumie García
  11. Cerulia, by Sofía Carrillo
  12. Amor, nuestra prisión, by Carolina Corral Paredes
  13. La proporción Aura, by Mariano Murguía Sotomayor
  14. Los ausentes, by José Lomas
  15. El buzo, by Esteban Arrangoiz
  16. Lucy contra los límites de la voz, by Mónica Herrera
  17. Lluvia en los ojos, by Rita Basulto
  18. El color de mis alas, by Miguel Anaya Borja
  19. El maestro y la flor, by Daniel Irabién
  20. 9:30 A.M., by Alfonso de la Cruz
  21. Mateo y el cine, by Luis Hernández Alanís

The BBVA Mexico Foundation promotes art and culture through the BBVA Art Grant (formerly known as the Bi Project), a unique economic stimulus for the production and promotion of initiatives with an outstanding track record. The Morelia International Film Festival (FICM), through FICM Presents, is the beneficiary of this grant, now in its third year.

FICM and the BBVA Mexico Foundation join forces to flatten the Covid-19 contagion curve.