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Vittorio Vidali-No soy lo que era, by Giampolo Penco, premiered at the 17th FICM

By: Celina Manuel

Daniela Michel, founder and general director of the Morelia International Film Festival (FICM) presented the special screening of the documentary Vittorio Vidali-No soy el que era, by Giampolo Penco, in the context of the 17th FICM.

Daniela Michel

Daniela Michel

“It is about a man who had a random, strange and very polemic life,” commented Michel on the documentary about Vitorio Vidali, best known in Mexico as “Commander Carlos” and couple of the iconic photographer, Tina Modotti, “a character filled with chiaroscuro and international mystery,” he concluded.

Born in Trieste, Italy in 1900, Vidali organized demonstrations in the United States to request the release of the anarchists Sacco and Vanzetti. In Mexico, he began a relationship with Tina Modotti and became Commander Carlos; in Russia he was an agent of the Komintern; in Trieste he opposed Tito; in Rome he was a senator of the PC. His life is intertwined with the history of Communism in the twentieth century.