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THREE BROTHERS is presented at the 21st FICM with filmmaker Francisco Joaquín Paparella

Gustavo R. Gallardo

Tres hermanos, by Argentine director Francisco Joaquín Paparella, was presented at the 21st edition of the Morelia International Film Festival (FICM).

Tres Hermanos

The presentation was attended by the filmmaker, who said he was grateful to be presenting the film in Mexico, his home for more than 16 years.

" A lot of family has come and it makes me very happy to present the film," said Paparella, accompanied by art director Micaela Urrutia.

"It's a film that speaks for itself," the Argentine filmmaker said.

Tres Hermanos

Three hunting brothers from Patagonia deal with their problems in a hermetic way. The three are reunited at their father's camp after a long time. The youngest is attracted to a jiu-jitsu partner. The middle one is diagnosed with testicular cancer. The oldest loses his job on a fishing boat and returns to town hooked on cocaine.