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Official Selection of the 14th FICM: Todo lo demás

Todo lo demás, the first feature film by director Natalia Almada, is part of the Official Selection at the 14th FICM.


In its national premiere, Todo lo demás follows Flor (Adriana Barraza), a middle-aged woman in an eternal loop who leads a routine flooded with loneliness closely. Contextualized in Mexico City and the country’s bureaucracy, which explores Flor’s inner life.

Gabriela Maldonado, Monica Reina-Kander, Alejandro Icaza.

Gabriela Maldonado, Mónica Reina-Kander y Alejandro Icaza.

At a press conference, the three producers Gabriela Maldonado, Mónica Reina-Kadner, and Alejandro de Icaza, spoke of the challenges Almada faced going from documentaries to fiction, working with the actress Adriana Barraza and the marketing challenges after the festival circuit.

Mónica Reina-Kadner, Almada’s work “connects us with everything else, which speaks of emotions like life, death, loneliness, violence”.

Alejandro de Icaza said: “When Natalia started writing this script, what she was writing was a documentary, she began to describe and to imagine the life of Doña Flor, a lady we see every day in all government offices”.

 Mónica Reina-Kadner on working with Adriana Barraza

“The challenge of having a single character is, partly, one of the reasons why it was decided that it should be Adriana Barraza, a tremendous actress with a great reputation and trajectory, holding the entire film together. It’s a great challenge to have only one professional actor in the cast, but she can uphold all the drama… In addition, she is an Oscar nominee, has an audience; having her join is incredible. We knew it had to be her before finishing casting.”

Gabriela Maldonado, Monica Reina-Kander, Alejandro Icaza.

Gabriela Maldonado, Mónica Reina-Kander y Alejandro Icaza.

 Alejandro de Icaza on the trip from documentary to fiction

“Natalia wanted to shoot her film with a documentary world surrounding Adriana. Get her on the fiction train and accompanying her was an important part… It’s part of the work Natalia did: searching. With the ladies, with blind people… Natalia talked to people as if making a documentary, established ties and did photography”.

In addition, Gabriela Maldonado said: “You never heard ‘Action’ on set. She had the camera ‘off’, capturing the moment without anyone noticing, we had to keep an eye on her.”

 Alejandro de Icaza on distribution

“We want to go around the world, places that are full of Doñas Flor; of ghostly figures. What we want most is for people to feel reflected, identified.”

 Todo lo demás before an audience

Cuauhtemoc Cardenas Batel Monica Reina-Kander Alejandro Icaza

Cuauhtémoc Cardenas Batel, Mónica Reina-Kander y Alejandro Icaza

Todo lo demás (2016), by Natalia Almada, had its presentation before the audience in Morelia. Accompanied by Monica King Kander and Alejandro Icaza, producers; Lorenzo Hagerman, photographer; Cuauhtemoc Cardenas Batel, vice president of FICM; and Anne Lee Wakefield, interviewer. Viewers were able to ask the crew questions about their creation.

Monica Reina-Kander Alejandro Icaza

Mónica Reina-Kander y Alejandro Icaza

 On violence in Todo lo demás

“I think there is a very beautiful message when Flor’s world is transformed, she is trying to positively restructure her life. She has several opportunities to return,” Alejandro de Icaza pointed out.

Gabriela Maldonado Monica Reina-Kander Alejandro Icaza

Gabriela Maldonado, Mónica Reina-Kander, Lorenzo Hagerman y Alejandro Icaza

 On the film’s formal structure

Lorenzo Hagerman stated: “Natalia wanted to reflect different emotions, and all these external images are everything else. One must remember that both Natalia and I come from the documentary and much of the strategy is to focus on the repetition.”