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Michoacan Section

El amor dura tres meses (2018, dir. Rafael Martínez García)

Synopsis: Lucia and David are convinced that love lasts no more than three months. Even so, they decide to start a relationship with the only condition of finishing it once that time has expired. This is their last date.

Ana (2018, dir. Dante Cerano)

Synopsis: Ana has a destiny, she is an indigenous woman, she migrates to the city for the first time to sell honey. She is pregnant, and aware of her situation she knows that it can be a long time before she can return to her hometown, she decides to show and explain the value of her indigenous culture to her baby in her womb; in the face of the adversities that will be faced in the city.

Bombay (2018, dir. Luis Arceo)

Synopsis: The isolation through the spaces.

Despertar volando (Kárapani Tsínharhini) (2018, dir. Magda Cacari)

Synopsis: The story is about an indigenous man who, after the death of his wife, needs to find a metate (stone object to grind corn dough) that will symbolically resolve his daughter's marriage and his fault for the death of his wife. The subject of history is about the problem of gender equity in indigenous peoples

Donde reside la esperanza (2018, dirs. Adrián González Camargo)

Synopsis: As Elsa moves out of her house, she comes across an important part of her past in the way of moving forward.

Freaktown (2018, dir. Diana Cruz González)

Synopsis: Two kids break into the shop of an evil sorcerer to setal a potion of his and ruin his plans. However they're being watched by another evil force.

K’uaníndikua (2018, dir. Mariano Rentería Garnica)

Synopsis: The rebozo (shawl) is part of one of the oldest traditions in Mexico, It’s an essential element to understanding the identity of how Purépechas dress. The mother of the artisan Albertina Bautista was one of the pioneers in creating rebozos (shawls) detailing them with feathers of different types of birds.

Noticias de Plutón (2018, dir. Diego Flores Contreras)

Sunopsis: Oscar is an engineer of 30 years, who after leaving a talk in the Planetarium about the last expedition to Pluto begins to remember a former girlfriend of the past, Eurydice. Although Oscar now lives content with his girlfriend Mariana, he remembers Eurydice.

Somos patriotas (2018, dirs. Bernardo Rugama, Fernando Llanos)

Synopsis: June 2018, two weeks before the elections, a group of interest will do everything possible to influence the final outcome of the Presidential election.

Tiempo en el bosque (2018, dir. Juan Paulín)

Synopsis: The memories of a time in the forest and the memory of that moment

Valentón (2018, dir. Luis Armando Sosa Gil)

Synopsis: A 19 year old guy was taken to the prison due to homicide which he did not commit. After spending more than 10 years in there, his testimony is said with hope and bravery.

We’re All Here (2018, dir. Lucy Luna)

Synopsis: Anika Mills leaves New York for a new life in Los Angeles. When she finds a cheap apartment, she doesn't think it twice. Although this price comes with its history; the previous tenant murdered his entire family there.

Anika finds an old recorder in her closet and decides to give it a try and record her podcast with it, but when she replays: there are other voices besides her own. She's not alone and soon she finds out what "they" want from her.