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Mexican Short Film Selection


32-Rbit (2018, dir. Victor Orozco Ramirez)

Synopsis: My grandmother was convinced that the only animal that made the same mistake twice is the human being.

An essay short film about my very own Internet, a parallel world where memory loss, errors, surveillance and addiction smear everything and everyone.

Aguacera (2018, dir. Cecilio Vargas Torres)

Synopsis: An old woman goes to a water well for a bit of it, but the rain gives it to her.

Dejarse crecer el cuerpo (2018, dir. Andrea Gudiño)

Synopsis: Animated testimonies of people with different gender identities which relate their life experiences and create a single voice made of many voices.

Gina (2018, dir. David “Diómedes” Heras)

Synopsis: Gina is a little girl who was born with a chicken suit, her dream is dancing son jarocho, but her suit is an obstacle. With Regina´s help (her mom), they´ll do the best to make the dream come true.

KVAZAR (2018, dirs. Alan Girón Palau, Eric Rodríguez Carrillo)

Synopsis: Rigel is a castaway astronaut that loses his wife Vyanka in an accident and spends years looking for her. Until the day arrives when he received a life signal that seems to be coming from her and goes out to find her.

Lo que importa es lo de adentro (2018, dir. Eduardo Altamirano)

Synopsis: An apple lands by accident on a self-help center for expired food.

La máscara de Velia  (2018, dirs. Elizabeth Vallejo, Elsa Martínez)

Synopsis: Velia is a woman that hides her differences behind a mask, but one day while riding the bus, Dany, a playful kid, will help her accept herself just the way she is.

Primos (2018, dir. Federico Gutiérrez Obeso)

Synopsis: Primos is a story of binaries, leaded by fantastic apes. A tale of two visions of one place. Matter and spirit come together to transform the nature of these apes.

Reverie  (2018, dir. Philip Piaget)

Synopsis: Deep in the harsh countryside, where life fades with every breath, a boy tormented with grief battles an inescapable beast.

TODO ESTO SUCEDE MIENTRAS DUERMES (y no puedes ver lo que sueño) ( (2018, dir. Adrián Quintero Mármol Martínez)

Synopsis: Short animations of horrific experiences lived in the limbo of the unconscious


Viva el rey  (2018, dir. Luis Téllez)

Synopsis: Historically all societies, even the most divided, because of the magic of war can find cohesion, forgetting the differences with their governments and putting aside their frustrations. Long Live The King is a stop motion short film whose intention is to approach in a lyrical way the phenomenon of war and the different processes that, in this case, happen on a chessboard.


Arthropodium (2018, dirs. Miguel Labastida, Jorge Bolado)

Synopsis: A world of praying mantis and other insects as a mirror of ourselves with drops of poetry, mystery and premonitions.

Estamos, que es ganancia (2018, dir. Viviana Zuñiga Rojas)

Synopsis: Rafael (Tio Lape) and Joel live in Santiago, Tuxtla, a town in the state of Veracruz, México that has been affected by the war on drugs. They have found a way to remain alive, through their music: Son Jarocho. Building community, thus combating the fear, violence and sadness that entails continuing this way of life.

It’s Going to Be Beautiful  (2018, dirs. John Henry Theisen, Luis Gutiérrez Arias)

Synopsis: Eight prototypes for a border wall stand on the US-Mexico border. To choose a winning design, Border Patrol officers and the military will attempt to climb, dig under, or breach the structures using techniques employed by immigrants and drug dealers.

La marea  (2018, dir. Miguel Novelo)

Synopsis: The tide is an essay documentary that simulates the life of Jorge, a young adult from Seybaplaya, Campeche Mexico. Jorge represents the new Mexican youth, who looks for the Mexican dream. (To live peacefully in Mexico)

¿Me vas a gritar? (2018, dir. Laura Herrero Garvín)

Synopsis: Violence and judgement against women are a heavy burden that Melissa lifts at every training. She lives in a macho society that punishes women who don’t comply with their role. On the street and on the ring, she is constantly met with demands, harassment and guilt. But she will continue fighting and answering “Come on, shout at me! So what?”

El peso de los caídos (2018, dir. Gastón Andrade)

Synopsis: Through a letter, a son narrates the disappearance of his mother on the night of October 2, 1968, as well as the search that his father undertook until death without finding it. This essay made from a large number of photographs, is an evocation not only to the disappeared of 1968, but also to the disappearances of our days. In a country where people must learn to live under the weight of the fallen.

El reflejo del mamífero (2018, dir. Flavia Martínez)

Synopsis: Maria Teresa Solomons is a freediver. She has dedicated her life to the sea. “The Mammalian Reflex” tells the story of this woman who, throughout the years has learned not only about depth but about life and spiritual growth thanks to this sport.

Répercussion (2018, dir. Andrés Padilla Domene)

Synopsis: A rock of unknown origin travelled through space to percute the Earth and put an end to three quarters of the life on the planet. At the region of the impact, a group of searchers venture into the darkness of a Mayan cave to explore the acoustics of the place. They set in a technical ritual to decipher the possible origins of musical percussion.

Skip Day  (2018, dir. Ivete Lucas, Patrick Bresnan)

Synopsis: For seniors in Pahokee, a small, mainly African-American industrial town on Florida, the Monday after prom is ‘Skip Day.’ Dozens of students, miss their lessons, driving 60 miles to hang out and ponder their futures on the windy dunes of the Atlantic shoreline. The film intimately observes the shared joys of communal activity and extravagant display which bind these boisterous teenagers in their rites of passage towards an uncertain adulthood.

Suicidrag (2018, dirs. Andrea Pérez Su, Arturo Campos Nieto Rangel)

Synopsis: The Suicidrag group travels the streets and nightclubs of Mexico City to create awareness about the non-conformity with the gender stereotype imposed by the consumer society.

Thara (2018, dir. Paco Ramírez, Tanya O’Carroll)

Synopsis: Thara is a trans woman and sex worker living in Honduras. In spite of prejudice and violence, she risks everything in order to be herself- even in the face of the monstrous dangers that stalk the night.

Los tiempos de atrás (2018, dirs. Karla Lomax, Metzli Paulina Ibarra)

Synopsis: Tere is the first woman photographer in Tequila, Jalisco. Her life is surrounded with memories of her past and the past of her town. In the studio that she built with her husband, she preserves a photographic legacy of more than 60 years, kept in hundreds of boxes with pictures of each person that has passed through her studio. Her job is to give back those lost memories, which helps to overcome the loss of her husband, the love of her life.

Las visitadoras (2018, dir. Sergio Blanco Martín)

Synopsis: Lupita is a pioneer in the training of interpreters for the justice system in Chihuahua. This short film accompanies her from the Sierra Tarahumara to the penitentiaries, where she assists the speakers of her language in order to facilitate their due process.


Acapulco corazón (2018, dir. Anaïs Pareto Onghena)

Synopsis: Ariel, a young Mexican student, is beginning to feel something for his best friend Roman, but he can never tell him.

El aire delgado (2018, dir. Pablo Giles)

Synopsis: Sonia and Mateo embark on a road trip with the excuse of mending the cracks in their relationship. Crossing the highway and in an emotional roller coaster they will find out if there is more friction and aggression in the world surrounding them or deep within them both. There’s always a final straw.

Arcángel (2018, dir. Ángeles Cruz)

Synopsis: Arcángel is a fifty year old peasant facing accelerating vision loss. Before total darkness overtakes him, he needs to find a nursing home for Patrocinia, an elderly woman from his community that is totally dependant on him.

B-167-980-098 (2018, dirs. Mariana Arriaga, Santiago Arriaga)

Synopsis: Two young men are found in a small town in northern Mexico. The only thing left in the crime scene is an AR-15. We follow the gun to see where it came from; the United States.

La bruja del fósforo paseante (2018, dir. Sofía Carrillo)

Synopsis: A day before her son´s wedding, Agustina tries to have the ceremony called off, only to discover that Emilia, the orphan girl betrothed to her son, still has someone ready to come to her defense.

Camila (2018, dir. Urzula Barba Hopfner)

Synopsis: At 12, Camila is going through a difficult time. She is a girl who interacts little with her classmates, who lives somewhat withdrawn and who finds refuge in art in general, and in her notebook of drawings in particular. Camila is sad, and the inability to explain that sadness is something that will greatly disconcert the adults around her.

Las desaparecidas (2018, dir. Astrid Domínguez)

Synopsis: WE VANISH is a political drama set in the State of Mexico where violence against woman has been normalised. A young mother will fight to get justice for her teenage daughter whose body has been recently found tortured, mutilated and dumped on the street. Due to the police negligence and indifference, she embarks on a journey for legal justice that will put her own life in danger.

Desde una ventana (2018, dir. Sebastián Hiriart)

Synopsis: The killing of a man awakes the curiosity of Nellie, a girl that discovers the empathy while taking care of the body of someone that was unknown to her.

Donde nace el agua (2018, dir. Luciana Herrera Caso)

Donde nace el agua

Donde nace el agua

Synopsis: Julia is a single mother who takes care of Camila, her 10 year old daughter who suffers from a borderline disorder. After experiencing a crisis where Camila gets hurt, Julia makes a decision which will change her relationship with her daughter and with herself.

Existimos en el silencio (2018, dir. Héctor Ibarra)

Synopsis: Karla, an amateur sound recordist, takes Oscar, her boyfriend to one of her usual walks. Searching for the ideal sound, Karla and Oscar will find, not only the end of their relationship, but the secrets hiding in their favourite recording spots.

Frago (2018, dir.Luisa Lemus)

Synopsis: Four young boys spend the night at a small discoteque in the City.

Intimate conversations, a dance and a consequent fight between them, make it impossible to get back home the next morning.

Franco (2018, dir.Mariana Martínez Gómez)

Synopsis: Franco and Roberto, photojournalists with different perspectives, witness the violent repression of a young man in a political event. Franco photographs the incident but elements of the candidate’s security figure it out. Roberto will have the possibility of saving his friend’s life at the expense of his own safety.

El futuro (2018, dir.Ernesto Martínez Bucio)

Synopsis: Mother and son drive outside the city. The police has found some bodies and one of them could be Javier, her son, his brother.

The Girl with Two Heads (2018, dir. Betzabé García)

Synopsis: 18 year-old Anne explores issues of body-image, self perception and her own understanding of what it is to be a woman in the 21st century in two highly contrasting worlds: that of her traditionally “feminine” mother, Ce?line, at home and the world of the gym where she trains amongst like-minded people.

Golden Malibu (2018, dir. Natalia Bermúdez Fierro)

Synopsis: One night, Carlos is thrown out from home by his mother. His little sister Regina then decides to run away with him. Together, they will start a journey through Mexico City. Through her eyes, Regina will explore Carlos sordid world and get to know its characters, until they both find out the benefit of being together as siblings.

Gran Jonás (2018, dir.Javier García)

Synopsis: The latent tension that exists at Jonah’s house hinders the relationship with his parents, so he spends time with his best friend while things get better.

Ismael (2018, dir. Axel Cuevas de Chaunac)

Synopsis: After mutilating his face in a machine accident, Ismael, a lonely factory worker, struggles with his identity, his dreams and his memories.

Laura y el viento (2018, dir. Natali Montell)

Synopsis: Time, feelings and memories mix when Natalia faces loss.

Las mujeres invisibles (2018, dir. Pablo Cruz Villalba)

Synopsis: Hipolita works in Samuel’s house. Her growing class-consciousness and the invasion of her privacy lead Hipolita to take control of her work and her life.

Ombligo de agua (2018, dir. Laura Baumeister)

Synopsis: Alina rides horses. She is good at it. Alina smokes crack. She feels a special connection with the people around the drug. Alina wants to fit in, she wants to be functional but a calling, a crack inside of her wont allow it. Alina dreams quietly with a simple life out of growing tomatoes. Her family thinks differently. Alina suddenly feels the urge to start talking about her own dreams.

Photomatón (2018, dir. Roberto Fiesco)

Synopsis: It’s a cloudy day and two young men enter a photo booth. They’re friends, co-workers at a construction site; both take advantage of a spare moment and the small space to smoke, talk and portray an extraordinary moment.

Primavera (2018, dir. Rafael Ruiz Espejo)

Synopsis: Fernando is attracted to his best friend. They skip class together and go camping in the Woods.

El pulso de la tierra (2018, dir. Fernando Álvarez Rebeil)

Synopsis: A couple visits a ranch in the middle of the desert searching for something that makes them reconnect with each other. Their presence in that place will contact them with the pulse of the land so that they can encounter their most primary instincts.

Química (2018, dir. Mariana Musalem Ramos)

Synopsis: Valeria has a strong complicity with her neighbor Susana, but a incident will change the future of their friendship.

Las rancheras (2018, dir. Hermann Neudert)

Synopsis: Oliver is a young man from the north of Mexico and with his ‘melodic rock with a touch of south African sounds inspired by The Beatles’ group have signed up to a bands competition. His bad relationship with his father, the inexperience of the band and the challenge of the bands competition will serve to create a bond in his parent-child relationship he’s longing for

Realidad circundante (2018, dir. Mario Trujillo)

Synopsis: A woman’s journey takes her to Valparaiso, where she encounters with ghosts from her past.

San Miguel (2018, dir. Cris Gris)

Synopsis: In order to heal her grieving mother, Ana, a devout 9 year old girl, pushes her faith to its limit in hopes of divine intervention.

Satán (2018, dir. Carlos Tapia)

Synopsis: A curse hits the male members of Tiago’s family since crocodile Satán has been captured: nobody survives. Among the animal’s victims there is also Tiago’s brother, who keeps on appearing to him after his death. A fascination­ hate relationship be­tween Tiago and the crocodile devel­ops in a magical realism atmosphere.

El sueño de Perfecto (2018, dir. André Leshé)

Synopsis: A bizarre encounter occurs to Perfecto while trying to get to his friend’s funeral on time, turning a ‘normal’ day of grief into a grim psychedelic nightmare.

Te quiero, Alejandra (2018, dir. Minerva R. Bolaños)

Synopsis: A teenager finds out she’s pregnant, before her conservative environment finds out she drives away with her best friend, to look for a safe place to get an abortion. But during the trip the doubt and guilt suffocates her, and only her enthusiasm for life will give her enough courage to take the best decision for her future.

Los tiempos de Héctor (2018, dir. Ariel Gutiérrez)

Synopsis: Hector is a lonely man who attends suicides in Mexico City. Monica is a young woman who longs for death. Their unpleasant encounter brings unsuspected consequences for both.

El último romántico (2018, dir. Natalia García Agraz)

Synopsis: Hector, is in love with Magda, his co-worker. After learning that he will be appointed as new manager, Hector decides to invite her out when he thinks he discovers her trying to kiss another employee. To confirm this, he resorts to the security cameras where he discovers his workplace is not what he thought it was. Disappointed, Hector explodes and Magda, realizing the situation, becomes accomplice of an unexpected and liberating act.

Umbral azul (2018, dir. Alfonso Herrera Salcedo)

Synopsis: While finishing a renovation job in Manhattan, David, an undocumented latino uncovers the real cost of his American dream.

Velvet (2018, dir. Paula Hopf)

Synopsis: On that short period between puberty and adolescence, Ale witnesses, along with her best friend Rubén, an equally brief phenomenon: Velvet´s comet sighting through Mexico City´s impressive buildings.

This celestial body´s filming captures a glimpse of the fragility in Ale and Rubén´s friendship, making their encounters increasingly occasional and their reencounters much more strange, forcing the main character to face her own reality

Videotape (2018, dir. Sandra Concepción Reynoso Estrada)

Synopsis: Amid mischief, video recordings and pop music, Carolina and Elsa enjoy their childhood, until an unfortunate event makes them undertake a particular revenge.