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Michel Hazanavicius's presence at the 15th FICM

French filmmaker Michel Hazanavicius, Special Guest of the 15th Morelia International Film Festival (FICM), presented his new film, Le redoutable (2017), and unveiled an armchair with his name.

With the presence of Alejandro Ramírez, president of FICM, and Daniela Michel, general director, the director, winner of the Oscar in 2012 for The artist (2011) thanked them for the invitation.

"It's surprising to go to a foreign country and find a full room to see a French movie," he said.

Michel Hazanavicius.

Le redoutable deals with Jean-Luc Godard's relationship with actress Anne Wiazemsky, who died on October 5 of this year, the filming of the movie La chinoise, the events of May 1968 and how they all affected the filmmaker.

"It's a comedy movie, which is not frequent in festivals, so I'm grateful. I hope you enjoy the show," said Hazanavicius.

On Le redoubtable

"Godard had an openness to destruction, he did not like to follow the rules of the game or to be made proposals. He would throw everything away, leave things in ruins and then continue; this fractured his life. This moment of the film is very important, it speaks of a total fracture because it breaks with the social game and with the traditional form of the cinema. It is the first of many broken cycles," said the French filmmaker.

Hazanavicius said the film touches a Jean-Luc Godard stuck in the crisis of the 40s and living in a country in revolution. "The film has not been so controversial and the figure of Godard is not so utopian. The film critic hated the film before seeing it, but then there were divided comments; popular criticism did like it very much. Others said that I had no right to make such films."

To the cinephile elite, he said, Godard is a totem. "For me, the movie is a tribute. I wanted to make a portrait of his forms, humanize him; I showed him with his faults, in order to have a balance. It's something I did to have a memory of him, it's a free story," he concluded.

Hazanavicius unveils armchair with his name

The French director unveiled an armchair with his name: "I'm going to take it to Paris! It's better than the ones we have in France."