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Yellow Rose

Yellow Rose

Direction: Paragas, Diane

Script: Bienen, Andy | Cipriaso, Celena | J.Howell, Annie | Paragas, Diane

Country: United States

Production: Cuerdo, Rey | Paragas, Diane | R. Mejía, Cecilia | Williams, Orian

Production Company: Civilian Studios | Home Away Productions

Photography: Thurmer, August

Edition: Levy, Taylor | Reiter, Liron

Sound: Duemig, Erik | E. Marthe González, Andrés | Toohey, Paul

Music: H. Knight, Christopher | Megia, Thia | Noblezada, Eva | Paragas, Diane | Watson, Dale

Cast: Booth, Liam | Gómez, Gustavo | Noblezada, Eva | Punzalan, Princess | Salonga, Lea | Villari, Libby | Watson, Dale

Art Direction: Morrow, George

Year of participation at FICM:

Screening times in the 18th FICM in Morelia

Cinépolis Las Américas Sala 4

saturday 31
Yellow Rose

Paragas, Diane
94 min.
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