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To Live and Die in L.A.

To Live and Die in L.A.

Direction: Friedkin, William

Script: basado en la novela de Gerald Petievich | Friedkin, William | Petievich, Gerald

Production: H. Levin, Irving

Production Company: New Century Productions | SLM

Photography: Muller, Robby

Edition: Smith, Bud | Smith, Scott

Sound: Alexander, Gary | DuCarme, Jean-Louis | Glass, Robert | Huntsman, J. Paul | Jenkins, Christopher

Music: Chung, Wang

Cast: Allport, Christopher | Dafoe, Willem | DeVargas, Val | Downey Jr., Robert | Feuer, Debra | Fluegel, Darlanne | Greene, Michael | James, Steve | L. Petersen, William | Pankow, John | Stockwell, Dean | Turturro, John

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