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Direction: O'Carroll, Tanya | Ramírez, Paco

Script: Ramírez, Paco

Production: Astorga, Paula | O'Carroll, Tanya | Olivares, Samuel | Ramírez, Paco | Ruiseñor, Jorge

Production Company: Asalto a la Peluquería | Circo 2.12 | LSD Audio

Photography: O'Carroll, Tanya

Edition: O'Carroll, Tanya | Ramírez, Paco | Ruiseñor, Jorge

Sound: Cuevas, Gus | Flores, Luis | Ortega, Lex

Music: Juárez Kiczkovsky, Dora

Animation: Ramírez, Paco

Art Direction: Ramírez, Paco

Year of participation at FICM: