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George Harrison: Living in the Material World

George Harrison: Living in the Material World

Direction: Scorsese, Martin

Production: Harrison, Olivia | Scorsese, Martin | Sinclair, Nigel

Production Company: Grove Street Pictures | Sikelia Productions | Spitfire Pictures

Photography: Kenzie, Martin | Richardson, Robert

Edition: Tedeschi, David

Sound: O’Sullivan, Barry

Music: L. Dunnington, Jennifer

Cast: Birkin, Jane | Boyd, Patti | Clapton, Eric | Gilliam, Terry | Harrison, Dhani | Harrison, George | Harrison, Olivia | Idle, Eric | Martin, George | McCartney, Paul | Ono, Yoko | Petty, Tom | Shankar, Ravi | Spector, Phil | Starr, Ringo | Stewart, Jackie | Voormann, Klaus

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