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2006 | Color | 90 min

A bittersweet drama of three stories interlaced in contemporary Acapulco, a once luxurious port, now in decadence, which serves as a backdrop for a suicidal old man, a 15 year old runaway girl, and a young couple involved in a complicated love triangle.

Country: México
Direction: Naranjo; Gerardo
Script: Naranjo; Gerardo
Production: García; Gabriel, Moro; Miriana, Paredes; Santiago
Photography: Datum; Tobías
Sound: Reyna; Gabriel
Music: Van Beethoven; Ludwig
Cast:García; Diana, Valdéz; Emilio, Becerril; Fernando, Moro; Miriana, Castaneda; Juan Pablo
Art direction: Castelli; Claudio
Participation year at FICM: 2006

Director Movies


Ten different voices join together to create a contemporary vision of the Revolution in Mexico. There is not only one interpretation presented of this historic event, but rather a wide range of views about the concept of revolution — its social significance as well as its more intimate, personal meaning. These stories try to offer a plural perspective through varied aesthetic perceptions that enrich our collective imagination. 

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