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Blade Runner: The Final Cut

Blade Runner: The Final Cut

Direction: Scott, Ridley

Script: Fancher, Hampton | K. Dick, Philip | Webb Peoples, David

Country: United States, Hong Kong, United Kingdom

Production: de Lauzirika, Charles | Deeley, Michael

Production Company: Shaw Brothers | The Ladd Company | Warner Bros

Photography: Cronenweth, Jordan

Edition: Nakashima, Marsha | Rawlings, Terry

Sound: Alper, Bud | Pennell, Peter

Music: Vangelis

Cast: Cassidy, Joanna | Ford, Harrison | Hannah, Daryl | Hauer, Rutger | Hong, James | James Olmos, Edward | James, Brion | Sanderson, William | Turkel, Joe | Walsh, M. Emmet | Young, Sean

Art Direction: G. Paull, Lawrence | Snyder, David

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