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Pavel Granados

Born in Mexico City in 1975. He is a writer, musical curator, editor, and specialist in Mexican popular music. He studied Spanish-Language Literature in the UNAM’s Department of Philosophy and Literature. He received a fellowship from the Mexican Center for Writers under the guidance of Alí Chumacero and Carlos Montemayor; there, he wrote his essay La poesía mexicana 1900-1920. He won the José Pagés Llergo Journalism Award (2010) and the Agustín Lara Award (2018). He is the author of and contributor to over twenty books. He curated the exhibition Monsi: el Musical for the Estanquillo Museum in 2021. Granados has published many articles on Mexican culture, especially popular music and literature, addressing subjects such as Consuelo Velázquez, Juan Gabriel, Cuco Sánchez, Agustín Lara, and Ema Elena Valdelamar, among many others. He hosted the musical research program Amor perdido, on Radio Red, from 2002 to 2019, which presented historic recordings of Mexican music. He coordinated the Catalogue of Mexican Popular Music at the National Sound Archive from 2011 to 2018, conducting research that led to the expansion of the collection at this institution. He is an expert in twentieth-century Mexican popular music. He has organized dozens of tributes to Mexico’s most beloved popular singers, such as María Victoria, Agustín Lara, Gonzalo Curiel, Luis Arcaraz, and Miguel Aceves Mejía, among many others. He is also a specialist in phonograph records made between 1905 y 1960. His extensive research projects include La ciudad del bolero, which encompasses the first bolero recordings in Mexico City (1927-1935), and La Compañía Nacional Fonográfica: primera marca mexicana (1927-1929). Granados is among the leading scholars of Mexican popular music and a prominent analyst and essayist on Mexican literature. He was the General Director of the National Sound Archive (2018-2022). He is currently the General Director of the Metropolitan Television station on Channel 22.